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Website Development, Web Design, Web Hosting, e-commerce, or a Website presence on the Internet for your retail, manufacturing, or service business needed now or in the near future?

If you're a business owner or manager responsible for increasing sales for your business, now you have a full service Website design and Web Development team to work closely with, helping you build your business profits by effectively using all the capabilities of the Internet .


We know that if we can help you build your business with effective Website Design, Development, and E-Commerce solutions, then our business will also grow. That's called cooperation - working together to meet the objectives of both organizations, and this is just as true with your customers. Help them get what they want in terms of quality and good service, and you'll reap the rewards in greater sales success.

We also know that if an investment doesn't contribute to your bottom line, no matter how big or small, then it is nothing more than another expense - and that cuts into your profitability.

So why do we feel we can help your business? The Web-Design-help4u staff is all about business, over 45 years combined experience in Marketing, Sales, HRD, and IT at companies that include 3M, Unilever, SBC, Inryco Steel, EPIC Healthcare, Dexter Corp, Henkel, and Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Shoppe franchising. Formal education includes a B.A. in Marketing, an MBA, and an M.A. in International Business Management.

So what does this experience, knowledge, and expertise mean to you and your business? It means we can work closely and have productive conversations about moving your business ahead - helping you meet your goals for both increased sales and profitability.

We're not amateurs in business, we've been in the trenches. We know what's important, and what's not. We don't talk bits and bytes, we talk dollars and cents, marketing plans, customer acquisition, customer retention, and up-selling.



What makes a good Website? It should be a lot more than software code. You can find any number of friends, neighbors, individuals, and companies that are pretty good at writing HTML and PHP website code. But building an effective and comprehensive business Web presence requires real world marketing and sales expertise, plus the technical Web knowledge.

A business Website must be designed to accomplish a purpose, to attract potential customers, to motivate, to generate action, to 'close', to retain, to get your desired results. There's lots of 'pretty' Websites on the Internet, but are they making money for the owners? In most cases, the answer is No!

That's why your most important step is the first one -- Selecting an effective team for your total e-commerce solution. A team that understands and suggests business objectives that can be accomplished through effective Web presence design and development. Solutions that include not only a Website, but online surveys, e-mail marketing, autoresponders, data collection, e-coupons, direct marketing campaigns, special forms, and much more.

In other words, to be effective and productive, you want much more than a Website. What you want is a comprehensive Web Internet presence, and that's what we can help you achieve for your business. Call us at 760-240-6323 or toll free at 888-263-2459 to discuss your specific business objectives, or send an e-mail to .

Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia Web development, hosting, e-commerce, domain names, and more


If what we've explained so far makes sense, then you likely have a few good questions about how to take advantage of these opportunities, and we're ready to discuss them with you. There's no obligations, no arm twisting, no 'sales pitch', just real business experts discussing how to make your business more successful.

There will never be a better, or more important time to improve your business than right now! Send us an e-mail at .

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