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We're located near Los Angeles, California and the Internet is our Business. Since 1996 we have been designing, developing, hosting, and managing websites for both clients and our own network. We remain a relatively small organization that fits with our personalized business model. We also prefer to work closely with each client, thus ensure a positive outcome for the web development process.

Our backgrounds include marketing, corporate education, training, and development, international management, sales, HRD, and information technology, with first computer programming on a DEC mainframe in 1982. Degrees held by the staff include BBA in Marketing from Texas Woman's University, MBA, and MA in Global Management and Marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas.


Our typical client is an individual, small to medium size company, or an organization that has a limited financial budget to create their web presence, e-commerce, or marketing program on the Internet. With our diverse knowledge, experience and skills we offer a one-stop approach that will save you money, yet achieve your objectives.

For most businesses, a web presence must be more than an ego builder, it should be a profit producer. Our strong business backgrounds are reflected in the way we do business - identifying objectives - establishing a plan - taking effective action - and measure results, so you can reap the rewards and benefits.


If this is the way you like to do business, then we may be an excellent choice to working with you for the development of your web presence.

We encourage you to make an initial contact with us. After exchanging thoughts about your potential needs, we can give you an idea of the project may cost. We can also create a 'stepped' plan with a modest start-up, and periodic expansions of functionality.

In addition to our web design and development, we also assist with domain name and keyword selections, search engine optimization, discount domain name registrations, discount web hosting, and discount site management.

Our clients have found that dealing with just one company, to handle all their needs, makes life easier and most of the time less expensive.


Next step - Give us a call at (760) 240-6323 or toll free at 888-263-2459,
send us an e-mail at

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