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What is the goal, the objective, the purpose of your Website?




If your answer is "to make a profit", then we agree!

Building a Website is much more than pretty graphics. It requires strategies and tactics to drive visitors to your site, encourage them to take action, have an effective and reliable money collection system, build visitor opt-in databases, follow-up with communication vehicles for conversion and additional sales.

Adjunct marketing elements can include affiliate and commissionable joint venture programs to add even more profits while substantially expanding your market outside the High Desert region, perhaps even worldwide.

As part of an overall e-commerce marketing and sales plan, the design and implementation of your Web e-commerce presence is the most vital element for long-term, sustained income and profitability.

Our goal is to always keep the big picture in focus:

Building an e-commerce site that generates Profits



step 1 - Who do you want visiting your site?
step 2 - How do you get them there?
step 3 - What action do you want them to take?
step 4 - How do you build an ongoing relationship with them?




step 5 - Contact Web development experts and discuss your objectives.
step 6 - Review and analyze their input and ideas.
step 7 - Select the e-commerce developer that understands your goals.




step 8 - Agree on a budget, timeframe, and project scope.
step 9 - Supply requested data and information to your developer quickly.
step 10 - Be available for frequent reviews and updates.




step 11 - A Web presence that you're proud to have represent you.
step 12 - A Web presence that generates a profit for you.
step 13 - Satisfaction with your Web developer, the process, and the outcome.


Your Next Step - Give us a call at (760) 240-6323, or
send us an e-mail at

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